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This program has been developed to bring you to enlightenment or bring enlightenment to you. In India, a Hindu male teacher is called a swami and a guru is the swamis teacher. The guru’s teachings are the direct result of self realization. He might reference others teachings, but he is not reliant on others wisdom. The goal of this program is to have you walk your path through life as a guru, not a swami walking in someone else’s shadow.

Throughout time people have become enlightened haphazardly. This is not meant to degrade any other program; it is not a competition. Everywhere throughout history people have been undergoing the experience of enlightenment with varying degrees of success. Leonardo Da Vinci was not hitting a Hatha Yoga mat, Mahatma Gandhi was not a student of the school of Voltaire, and Thomas Jefferson was not a follower of the sufi mystic Rumi. This course is designed in the 21st century for those living in the ‘information age‘ who wish to know enlightenment and expect results.

The arrangement of this program is simple and direct. It is divided into 3 main parts. The first part, the Introduction, is a series of 19 topics, each ranging in length from two to five pages. It should not take more than one hour per day, and it is suggested to complete one topic per day. A forum is available where any confusion or discussion can be clarified. The first portion may seem scattered and erratic, possibly even frustrating, but remember it has been designed that way. Stay on topic, one per day. If you complete one topic per day and spend the remainder of the day reflecting on what you have read, after approximately 3-4 weeks, you will proceed to the second part, the Intermission.

The Intermission is a chance to take a break from the course and place the first portion of the program into action. The more time you spend in the Intermission, the deeper you will experience the third part of the program. Enough said!

The third part is where everything comes together to show you how the real world is supposed to operate from the enlightened perspective. It is broken down into five doors: 1) Universal Love, 2) Universal Knowledge, 3) Universal Truth, 4) Universal Understanding, and 5) Universal Wisdom. Each of these doors contains approximately ten sections. Like the Introduction, one topic per day is recommended.

The first portion of this program, if applied in your actions, will make every aspect of your existence better. The third part will awaken you causing your existence to change to a life of possibilities that at present are unimaginable. These five treasures work very much like gears; each engaging the other to produce greater power. Your life will change.

We are so confident in this program that we are offering the Introduction for free. Once again, remember that everything from the first two sections come together as an experience in the third section. Enjoy!

Mechanical Principles by Ralph Steiner

Are you ready to set your gears in motion?

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