Universal Understanding

The normal human being walks through the maze of life usually self guided without the attributes of Universal Love, Universal Knowledge, and Universal Truth. Without these experiences one can only comprehend compassion, rely on personal opinions rather than real knowledge, and value objects over character. Their mere comprehension is the perfect set up for creating dire consequences for themselves and others. This lack of true understanding is the construct for a multitude of problems ranging from relationships to personal safety. The mistakes generated by a lack of true understanding are often repeated over and over until experience becomes the catalyst for change.

The spiritual being knows that understanding is comprehension with the addition of experience. The spiritual person is able to grasp the experiences of others, both living and dead, to avoid making mistakes while creating a harmonious life. Their experience of the first three doors fused with Universal Understanding taps into a vast pool of others' experiences, both good and bad, creating a new type of intuition. Like Universal Knowledge, once this source has been accessed new innovations spring forth.

The fourth door is designed to bring great personal benefits to one’s life. Imagine having an all inclusive and expansive realm of experiences compared to the sole experiences of one’s own existence? Repeated mistakes; action, reaction and consequence? This door combined with Love, Knowledge, and Truth helps traverse life’s many situations.

Understanding = Comprehension + Experience


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