Universal Truth

A human being draws their version of truth from a narrow band of personal knowledge and experience. Their idea of truth is limited to the elements of where, when, ego -- and their applicable conditions -- mostly emotional. This means that the truth and corresponding character traits such as honesty and integrity are individualistic and highly subjective.

The spiritual being applies certain principles and practices to any given situation which brings Universal Truth to the forefront. These practices begin changing one’s sight to vision, from perfect human 20/20 to spiritual infinity/0. The side effect from such an experience is that character traits begin to transform into objective moral and ethical values.

This door, once experienced, can redefine one’s moral character for the better. Responsibility will no longer be a word of burden but will become the prize for living a diligent life. Imagine the added benefit of being able to see what others cannot. You will learn to see beyond action and consequence to viewing cause and effect.

When one has a sticker in their eye, the whole world appears as nettles.


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