Universal Knowledge

The average human being gains knowledge by receiving inputs across their five senses, including structured education of any variety. This information is melded with the ego creating personal opinion, viewpoints, judgements, and beliefs. These traits are always subject to change by acquiring new information. Meaning that at any moment their knowledge is based upon what they “think, feel, and believe.” Very often nothing outside of that exists, leaving them to exist in a world of action, reaction, and consequence.

A spiritual being is not limited by the concepts of “Time and Space,” and their knowledge transcends the boundaries of everything personal. They have experienced eternity and grasp all universal principles. Realizing the fleeting nature of the ego, when they speak, “they know what they know” and “they know what they don’t know.” A spiritual being’s reality is fixed, immovable, and consistent. Universal Knowledge is the second attribute of the enlightened person.

This door is designed to remove all mental blocks of impossibilities releasing the mind to experience eternal principles. When this happens profound and incredible insights begin to reveal themselves. Problems in life begin having solutions.

The root of education is not to fill buckets but to create new wells in the aquifer of knowledge.


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