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For Mike "Yama" Stevens, May 6th, 1998, was a crucial turning point. This marked his enlightenment and the beginning of a renewed life. Over the following four years, he transitioned through 5 stages (known as 'doors' throughout the program): Universal Love, Universal Knowledge, Universal Truth, Universal Understanding and Universal Wisdom. Each door was vastly different from the proceeding one, yet laid an important foundation.

During this experience, pure cognitive reasoning enveloped every aspect of life. He desired to read about all works dealing with enlightenment, not with mere comprehension but true understanding. His pursuit of trying to discover what had happened to him and his appetite for learning became insatiable, as he read nearly one book a day. His diverse readings stretched from the Vedas of ancient India to current publications. His main topics of interest are religion, philosophy, and science.

However, this course is not a summation of information that has been gained by reading about enlightenment. This course has been designed from personal experience intertwined with the essence of knowledge gained from those books. It has been written in such a way that you do not need to be a rocket scientist to grasp the message. This program is based on that intuitive knowledge that has been missing. Although Yama uses many personal stories, the message is not about him, but how his experience can be reflected in you.

The introduction is designed to enhance your existence. It may seem obtuse and disjointed at times, but it was designed that way for a unique purpose. Upon completion of the introduction, those who venture through the five doors will experience the same transformation that every enlightened person has undergone. If it does not occur in the Universal Love door, there are at least two more opportunities to have the experience. Note that this program is not about further descriptions of enlightenment, but about you having the transformative experience itself.

Two points need to be disclosed. First, we live in a time where self promotion is the norm. The individual has become the industry, product and message. Even sports teams are recognized by only one or possibly two players these days. The author does not seek fame, power, prestige or exorbitant wealth, as he is not the product or message. He derives true value from helping and watching others achieve benchmarks previously thought to be impossible. Your success in this course is his treasure. Secondly, his motivation for helping others to become enlightened is not entirely selfless. In an era of individual industry, most people would be satisfied with getting to the “top” and enjoying a life of luxury. His aim reaches much further, as he plans on starting ventures where people run enlightenment based businesses. This course is the necessary beginning in bringing those endeavors to fruition, not the destination.