Universal Love

A human being is an emotional creature who is able to occasionally muster up some empathy for others. Usually this feeling is reserved for friends, family, and those with physical likeness or like mindedness. Empathy, like all emotions, is fleeting. A person who exists under the control of emotions will always find themselves challenged by relationships. These relationships include spouse, family, strangers, and ultimately self. Fluctuating with emotional resonance is no harbinger of stability where humanity is concerned. Love based on emotions is always conditional.

A spiritual being lives in a fixed and immovable state of compassion, seeing no difference between themselves and others. There are no conditions to apply to others, simplifying life. Their Universal Love, compassion, is universal and unconditional.

This is the first door of true enlightenment. In this section you will learn the key elements to building an everlasting relationship foremost with yourself and then everyone else. This door is designed to produce an experience where existence is transformed into life.

Love and compassion are the highest orders of humanity.


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