stop watch on sand


2020 has been a trying year by any measure; a virus that has tattered the fabric of society, a terrible political atmosphere and overall a sense that everything in reality is questionable including reality itself. I anguish over these things just like anyone else. I am not a stranger to despair, grief, depression, anger, sorrow, hopelessness, addiction and poverty.

What I know is that an Ultimate Reality exists. A reality where internal pillars act to stabilize and guide us as individuals through the hazy maze shrouded in bullshit and created by those whose only motivation is to maximize their self interest. The last four years have shown us that emotionalism and sensationalism manifested as tantrums and satiated with pacifiers is no way to lead one’s life let alone a nation. In the parallel realm of addiction, existence is spent blindly chasing the pendulum that swings between bad consequence and intoxication perpetuating this same type of emotionalism and sensationalism. We as a nation have been strapped to the table below that pendulum. Your life, Ultimate Reality lies on that table as well.

Enlightenment is the term used to define the maturation of these pillars, five in total. Ultimate Reality, Enlightenment, is the culmination of these attributes working together to blaze a path through the darkness no matter how much chaos, confusion, disinformation and deceit that the world can hurl upon you. These years have been an advertisement of anti-enlightenment values. We have witnessed the worst of the worst. Every decision that you make in life can be an emotional diaper filled tantrum or a precision guided response to any given situation, good or bad. In the era of COVID-19 these tantrums have cost people their lives.

These five attributes are already within you lying dormant waiting for you to awaken to them. Just as a tree does not understand physics, the tree resides in space, matures with time and is always under the effect of gravity. Like the tree, the rules of physics apply to you as well and unlike the tree you have consciousness allowing you the ability to awaken then become enlightened.

I led an existence driven by emotionalism and sensationalism. I suffered the bad consequences of addiction. I spent decades throwing tantrums and seeking pacification. I know the turbulence of existing without pillars of stability and having no internal guidance. I also know there is an Ultimate Reality residing in you that once recognized will lead to a life where every single moment will be met with splendor.

Mission Statement

Throughout history there have been people who have had a direct experience providing them with insights into an ultimate view of reality. These individuals have been called self-realized, actualized, shaman, mystic, sage, or guru. No matter the title, the unique experience each one has had is called enlightenment. This one experience has happened in every culture, language, and geographical area. A few of these individuals have had their insights developed into religions, self-help programs, or cults. Some have had their universal ideals melded into the fabric of society scribed as declarations and laws. Some have propelled their visions into the realm of science, mathematics, physics, art, literature, economics, and ethics. We enjoy the fruits of their labor in every aspect of modern life.

History has been kind to the few who have been recognized as having had this enlightenment experience. Mostly men, mostly intellectual, and mostly affluent. How many men and women have had this experience for each person annotated in the history books? 1 in a 100? 1 in a 1000? The enlightenment experience for women has not been well documented. Enlightenment is as available to women as it is to men!

We are not creating another religion. We are not creating a cult. We are not creating a pyramid scheme to take your hard-earned money. We are here to expedite the enlightenment experience and guide you through what lies beyond that initial moment. We would like you to apply your experience to your culture, religion, language and most importantly, to your life. We are here to provide a catalyst in your ordinary existence so you may gain extraordinary insights into ultimate reality.

Who benefits from this program

There are two things that define us as human beings: #1 the ability to reason and #2 our opposable thumbs. If you have been paying attention you have witnessed what happens when many people willingly forfeit their ability to reason. Look at those who have spent their entire life going to weekly meetings to understand the manifestation of a deity whose purpose and teachings were specifically designed to bring about Compassion, Agape Love, Universal Love, etc. Within just a few short months they have wiped that slate clean of all understanding, flushed their sensibility (discernment really) and worshipped a modern day jaundiced Barabbas. I will not bother talking about the profiteers who teach the malformed interpretation of the text to extract shekels from their flock. The only remaining characteristic defining them as human has become their thumbs. Perhaps they will nectrotize and fall off into the pit where their reasoning resides?

We have witnessed how fast the platform for reasoning can change, how fast a lifetime of education/practice can be eliminated and how fast bonds between family members destroyed. For what? A few coins, title of Winners while the rest of the world burns around them? What benefit?

This program is designed for those who desire to take their platform of thought to the highest level of reasoning. Just as drastic and fast as those who have lost their way, this program has been designed to awaken then guide one through the process of enlightenment. Imagine awakening to your connectedness to all things, a feeling of being a continuous part of the entire universe. That is accompanied by awakening to agape love, followed by gnosis or universal knowledge, universal truth, universal understanding  and ultimately Wisdom. And yes, you get to keep your thumbs!

So, in what way could enlightenment possible benefit a person’s life?  Wisdom is the ability to avoid creating problems in one’s own life. One who possesses Wisdom does not have to waste valuable time dealing with negative consequences and that precious time can be redirected to fruitful living. Experiencing the treasures of enlightenment is less about age and more about gaining enhanced years of life. Who could not benefit from that?

This is not a replacement for any ‘Twelve Step’ program. If you have an addiction, seek help, gain some time in abstinence, then revisit this program when you are ready.

Each of the Twelve Step programs have a common theme surrounding recovery from addiction and/or compulsory behavior. The original book, Alcoholics Anonymous, was published in 1939, and all other programs emerged from that one text. Although the words vary to fit each selective program, the mission remains the same.

There is one singular mission statement that crosses the boundaries of each program and is conveyed in two parts. First, abstinence from the source of addiction. Second, have a spiritual awaking. In one of the programs it proclaims that we are not saints; spiritual progress is the desired remedy and spiritual perfection is unobtainable.

Think about that for a moment. Obviously, the saints were the ones who knew something about perfecting that awakening. This program is designed to induce a spiritual awakening followed by the specific occurrences that happen beyond the initial experience. There are five in total: Universal Love, Knowledge, Truth, Understanding, and Wisdom. These will perfect that awakening!

If you are one of those rebellious individuals who finds the status quo is not enough and wants to know what the saints knew, then this program is for you. Universal Love, Knowledge, Truth, Understanding, and Wisdom are messages that need to be carried to all and practicing them in life can yield great benefits. Who would not want that?

Have you ever asked yourself, after spending so much time in a house of worship, “What attribute of the Divine do I currently possess?” Do you believe that your personal opinions, viewpoints, judgements, and beliefs line up with the One universal prime mover of everything? When do you suppose you will gain any attributes, if there are any to be had? Have you ever discovered a universal principle?

If you are okay with your belief system, finding faith enough to guide you through the erratic occurrences of life, then this program is probably not for you. If you have the awareness to realize that belief and faith are not enough to secure divine attributes, you will benefit greatly from this program. Enlightenment is about awakening to attributes in the here and now. This program has been designed for you to experience and then understand these five universal attributes.

Imagine being guided through life on the rock solid foundations of Universal Love (agape), Knowledge (gnosis), Truth, Understanding, and Wisdom. Can you see any benefit to this Self discovery? Do you want this Now or do you want to gamble that you will receive it in the afterlife?

Are you a scientist, skeptic, cynic, or all of the above? Perfect! Are you one of those people who find belief to be a form of consent, giving up reasoning, understanding, and sensibility? Are you open minded to new discoveries?

This course is designed to produce an empirical event (enlightenment). As you well know very few programs have attempted to bridge the chasm between metaphysics and rational philosophy utilizing sound science and mathematics. The reason for this is enlightenment takes place outside of relativity where classical physics and mathematics breakdown. The presentation of this material is designed in such a way that the general population will not be lost, bored to death, or overwhelmed.

If you are the type of person who refuses to invest in “think, feel, and believe” and seeks the real profits gained from knowledge, then this program is for you. Imagine, for a moment, marrying your newly gained empirical knowledge with rational knowledge and all the current knowledge that you possess. Visualize what your life will be like once you can utilize the whole capacity of your mind. Could you benefit from that? Who knows, you might become the next Copernicus!