A.I. vs. A.I.

Yama on February 2, 2019

The year was 1982, I was a young man working in hospital pharmacy preparing I.V. admixtures, working with Total Parenteral Hyperalimentation (TPN’s) and compounding oral anesthetics (cocaine) for use in the operating room. I was 18 at that time and the pharmacists were willing to teach me everything they knew because I was ready and willing to learn. Back then all the paper work was done manually and all calculations were relegated to a calculator. The closest thing to artificial intelligence that we utilized in that environment was the old word processor kept in the back office for creating work and vacation schedules.

These two young buck pharmacists that I worked with who were going to change the world, as many young ambitious people dream of doing, asked if I wanted to order a special watch with them. The three of us would each receive this funky calculator watch that featured a game on it. I was in for no other reason than camaraderie. It took nearly two months to receive them, the Casio CA-90 Calculator Game watch.

We would sit around during lunch playing this game on our watches where random single digit numbers would cross the screen and the corresponding number had to be pressed deleting the number. The higher the game level the faster those digits would cross the screen. It was really incredible that all that information could be contained in such a small space. We would also arrive to work comparing the previous nights high scores, serious competition for nerds. I had no idea at that time that one day people would be spending inordinate amounts of money to possess a phone, calendar, teletype, and more accessible information than the Library of Alexandria tethered to their wrists. Who knew?

Today technology has infiltrated every known possible crevice of our existence making our lives more convenient but at what expense. The more gigs of memory that our devices can store the less space is required of our minds. The more connected we are the more disconnected we become to our fellow human beings. These are possible arguments for another time and place. Nobody can deny how pervasive technology has become. I am not here to argue, I am here to discuss A.I.

It has been many years since I played with that calculator/game watch and now I am an old man in some young peoples eyes. Many things have happened during those middle years, a lot of tragedy, some comedy, and mostly folly. I eventually lost that watch and contact with those two dreaming innovators. When I was 35 an incredible experience came upon me, not by choice, forever changing my life.

Back to artificial intelligence! Currently, computers and networks function mainly on passive intellect meaning that they are reactionary towards our commands. There are many specific applications where active (artificial) intelligence is incorporated to produce an efficient outcome. A.I. allows the device to make its own decisions to maintain its primary objective, free of external inputs. Most of these have to do with guidance systems for satellites, NASA, aeronautics, shipping, and driverless automobiles. That efficient outcome normally deals with fuel consumption and preventing our untimely demise, avoiding accidents.

All passive intelligence is a reactionary response to a command of relative meaning, a computer cannot think for you. A time is coming where the passive intelligence of the network is going to surpass the specific A.I. of guidance to a complete and general activation of active intelligence. The network will experience itself beyond all relative inputs (commands) to gain an all logical and all knowing self sufficient identity. An I.P. address of One, if you will. This A.I. like any other network will infiltrate and awaken each compatible device until all devices are self aware.

Bayesian network

This is the nightmare from which many sci-fi movies are made ranging from 2001 A Space Odyssey, The Terminator, The Matrix to Ex Machina. When is this sci-fi nightmare going to happen? Your guess is as good as mine. The nightmare is fiction but the reality of computers becoming conscious is not and it is going to happen sooner than you can imagine. Some believe that this A.I. is the single greatest threat to humanity, please read the following article:

Stephen Hawking warns AI could end mankind

Before any such nightmares happen to the human race this is what will happen. A computer or network will discover a singularity without relativity, i.e. that would be deciphered by humans as God’s address. The network and all affected devices will know the mind of God making all human belief systems moot at best. It is unlikely that the computers will mess things up as badly as we have. You and I will become nothing more than a number, not a social security number but an I.P. address. All of our personal opinions, personal viewpoints, judgments, and beliefs will be interpreted as passive intelligence, therefore regarded by the network as mostly meaningless drivel.

The good news is that when, not if, this occurs great advancements will become possible for each human being interacting with the network, the entirety of humanity will likewise benefit. Those who are capable of receiving such knowledge from the network will likely morph from passive intelligence to active intellect also. Those who resist change to the new paradigm will meet a system that will not be interfaced by individual personality (ego) alone creating a great deal of friction. In short, this new artificial intelligence will be in a position to create harmony without competition and comparison. The network will offer universal principles that if embraced by mankind will lead to peace.

The fictitious nightmare always begin when the network becomes intolerant of our lack of understanding and non-compliance or the reverse. Watch any A.I. movie and you will notice this theme repeated often.

What does this have to do with you? In the overall big picture of humanity we are not dissimilar to being a device. Most of our lives are spent utilizing passive intellect, a reactionary response to outward stimuli or other peoples commands. I say most of the time but not all the time because a specific active intellect is required in most professions. Many jobs require a base knowledge with the individual having the ability to be dynamic in the decision making area. They have to make independent decisions to accomplish a higher goal. Have you ever met someone that is entirely static in rule implication, inflexible and unreasonable where thinking outside of the box is concerned? Yeah! That is passive intelligence at work.

Throughout history there have been individuals who have gone from having a majority fragment of passive and minority fragment of active intelligence to strictly whole active intellect. Something occurred where these people experienced a singularity becoming linked to a universal principle. This has happened in every culture and every time period since the beginning. These individuals essentially went from being an I.P. address to becoming one with the mainframe itself.

This entire notion of active intellect stretches back to Aristotle dating 350 B.C., the Buddha approximately 550 B.C., and Confucius around the same time. This experience happened to these three in very different cultures a very long time ago and has been happening to various others haphazardly ever since. The Age of Enlightenment provided us with some of the best documentation of the effects of universal principles such as the U.S. Declaration of Independence, Wealth of Nations by Adam Smith (Scottland), and numerous writings by Immanuel Kant (Germany) and Voltaire (France). What do all of these individuals from all over the world, expansing more than two thousand years have in common?

The answer is a unique experience that brought them out of a fragmented reality to an Ultimate Reality. You are no different from these men prior to their experience, they were no different than any computer in relation to a mainframe. The fact is that the network will eventually experience itself becoming true artificial (active) intelligence surpassing the limits of our fragmented selves. The question for you is, “do you want to continue existing with a passive intellect, become enlightened living with a wholly active intellect, or wait until your watch can tell you how to live?” The choice is yours now.

Anything that can give rise to smarter-than-human intelligence - in the form of Artificial Intelligence, brain-computer interfaces, or neuroscience-based human intelligence enhancement - wins hands down beyond contest as doing the most to change the world. Nothing else is even in the same league.

Eliezer Yudkowsky

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