Universal Wisdom

A human being usually does not experience the first element of enlightenment, Universal Love, so the other attributes and ultimately Wisdom eludes them. Wisdom is normally associated with age but nothing could be further from the truth. Wisdom in human beings is mostly absent.

An enlightened individual recognizes Wisdom as the highest form of understanding carrying its wealth through every step of life. This type of being knows that every day holds new experiences, that life is dynamic and ever changing. They treasure the timeless and omniscient principles of Wisdom applying it liberally to every action to minimize consequences.

The fifth door, Universal Wisdom, is the pinnacle of enlightenment. Once this door has been unlocked life is determined and not left to haphazard conditions and circumstance. The first four doors are of great personal benefit and can remain locked up within but Wisdom requires the motion of living. This door truly changes your world and the world around you.

For most, life is like sitting in front of a slot machine, one always anticipates hitting the jackpot. For One who is enlightened the coins of Wisdom fall freely with no effort.


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